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The salon has the latest professional pet grooming equipment to create a comfortable environment whilst incorporating the highest standards in safety and hygiene. And, for extra special pampering, an array of luxurious treatments and top quality pet shampoos and conditioners will leave your pet relaxed, smelling fresh and revived from head to paw.


Treatments offered include:


• Full body groom
• Bath and tidy
• Health check
• Pet pedicure
• Blueberry facial
• Puppy wash and fluff dry (first groom experience)
• John Paul Pet Oatmeal Healing Bath
• Hand strip coats


Please see below for a full breakdown of these services


Bath and Tidy - Eye clean, ear clean, brush to remove all knots, top quality shampoo and bath, blow dry, face and feet trim.

Full body groom includes - As above plus nail trim, clip, scissor and style to breed standard or a more creative style to suit your dog and your lifestyle. We clip to accommodate for both the winter and summer seasons and discuss your requirements fully prior to proceeding to groom your dog.

Health check – Checking for any abnormalities such as ear infections, lumps, foreign objects lodged in paws etc. We will inform you of any abnormalities that we find.

Pet pedicure – Nail trim on its own or it is included in both full groom and bath and tidy sessions. Long nails are a common cause of chiropractic problems in dogs and can contribute to joint pain and stiffness.

Blueberry facial - Gentle formula contains vanilla and blueberry. Mild, foaming SPA™ Fresh Facial Scrub facial cleaner exfoliates, soothes, and hydrates to help remove tear stains

Puppy wash and fluff dry (First groom) - It is very important for you to familiarize your puppy with the grooming process from an early age. Because puppies have a lower patience and attention span I recommend their initial visit to be a basic wash and dry clear eyes etc of hair and nail trim. This can be any time after your pup has had the all clear after its final inoculations and will help build your pups confidence in the grooming process.

John Paul pet oatmeal healing bath – These formulated products help relieve skin irritations and promote healing, whilst helping to moisturise dry, itchy skin.

Hand strip coats - Available on traditionally stripped breeds and suitable dogs when the coat is in the correct condition to be removed. We will be happy to check your dogs coat type for suitability. This process obviously takes longer than clipping and the cost would be discussed at your consultation

Do remember for the comfort of your dog to make sure that your dog has been exercised before their grooming appointment.

Please allow 48 hours for cancellations otherwise we regret a cancellation fee will be charged.



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