the smartdogz gallery

Before and after.

Pickles is a lovely Norfolk Terrier what a smart boy!!

This is Dottie a cross Terrier and clipped looking gorgeous

Belle is a very lively lovely Cockerpoo clipped and scissored

Maisy is a Working Cocker Spaniel and has been Hand-stripped

Lovely Lacey is a Border Terrier Hand Stripped

This is little Poppy a Yorkie cross tidied and scissored so cute


Shitzu Clipped and Hand scissored into a teddy-bear trim


My own Westie Hamish lovely boy but Iím biased!!

Handsome Jasper wirehaired Jack Russell Handstripped

Rosie the Tibertan Terrier Trimmed she is so pretty

Jerry is a Bichon Frise cross trimmed into manageable pet style




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